Fold-Up variants

Partitionwall design for 1/3 width lanes in vehicle

Our GRP trolley with lock can also be combined with load securing. The division is done horizontally with 1 or 2 joints. A compact storage takes place in the ceiling area and does not add more than the evaporator.

The parking bracket is either in the ceiling rail or on the carriage so that it can be fixed in any position in the vehicle. Also available in full vehicle width.

  • Height loss:
  • approx. 140 mm (with 3 x 40 mm panels),
  • approx. 120 mm (with 2 panel structure)

Minimum weight, example: 1/3 chamber panel approx. 12 KG


Easy to handle without additional lifting system (balancer)

Also ideal for the use of 2 evaporators!



Strong, but still flexible. Thanks to the integrated fiberglass-reinforced frame within the partition core.

STORWALL - The smarterwall bends

Flexible glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles

In addition to the required stiffness, the GRP framework also provides great flexibility to the Autostorr.

Auto lock system

The lock is integrated in the balancers and auto-matically engages with a horizontal (stowed) and vertical position of the wall.In an angle of 45 degrees (between 30 and 60 de-grees ) the wall is effort-lessly movable through12 bearing wheels rolling in the STORR track.

Wall stoppers

The use of the wall can be restricted with the rail stoppers.

Built-in fan

12 or 24 volts Ventilator (optional) for dividing walls with a minimum thickness of 60mm (eg Autostorr and T-800).

Complete with thermostat with digital readout/setting of the (desired) temperature.

Includes Spiral cable with 2-pin plug.

Capacity 1300 m2/h

STORR tracks

STORR aluminum tracks for mounting directly on top in the corners.

Central assembly

In certain constellations, installation on the vehicle ceiling is recommended. Here we deliver an additional mounting bracket to attach the STORR aluminum running rail.

Return ventilation hole

To remove vacuum when opening Autostorr and/or as extra ventilation option tofeed second compartment with cold air. Hole opening can be adjusted by thevariable positioning option of the closing flapa.


GRP trolley with lock also to use in combination with loadsecuring bars.

Balancing system

Our maintenance-free balancing device - a lifting system made of aluminum, plastic and stainless steel - enables easy handling, no matter how often you have to open or close the partition. High-quality materials ensure a long service life and smooth use. We grant a 5-year guarantee on the balancing device if used properly!


The unique AUTOSTORR partition wall contains extremely flexible, specially made insulation foam cores. The core material has a high impact resistance and does not absorb water.

On the underside, the wall is protected against damage from roll containers and pallets by a reinforcement made of polycarbonate.

The guarantee for a long service life and high product quality.


In order to operate the AUTOSTORR partition wall with just one hand and without bending over, the pull handles are attached at an operating height that is easy on the back.

Brake fingers

The locking is normally carried out in a horizontal and vertical position, on request a free shift at 90 degrees or other constellations for different geometries is available.

A - standard

B - free at 90 degrees

C - Special lock

Features - Autostorr options:

Schmitz / Krone Adaptation

Below: 1/3 wall with central balancer