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STORR. Der Hersteller von innovativen Trennwand-Lösungen bietet maßgeschneiderte Systeme für anspruchsvolle Transporteinsätze auf

der letzten Meile.



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FoodTec Award in Silber

International FoodTec Award 2021

in Silver for STORR


DLG Food Technology Award for pioneering development in terms of innovation, sustain-ability and efficiency, (DLG). STORR GmbH from Stadtlohn (Germany) has now been awarded the International FoodTec Award in Silver by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society) and its specialist partners. 

International FoodTec Award in Silver for:

With its Food Distri Wall partition wall system, STORR has developed a new concept for the distribution of fish, chilled and deep-frozen goods that minimizes the opening time and is able to adjust the cargo area to be cooled as the cargo volume decreases. When the Distri Wall is used, the swing door automatically seals the cooled cargo area again after passing through. This significantly reduces energy consumption and supports the guaranteed observance of the cold chain. Thanks to the independently closing partition wall system, less moisture also enters the chiller or freezer segment, thus minimising ice formation. The system is easy to position due to the low weight of the partition wall, the user-friendly folding system and flexible Velcro strap fastening. The Distri Wall is a very good solution for distribution traffic but is also outstandingly suitable for permanent installation at all sluices and interfaces in refrigerated warehouses.

Silver medals go to products that have been further developed in such a way that a significant improvement in the function or the process is achieved as a result.

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Distriwall features

Innovation Trailer Award 2019

developmentproject ERGOWALL together with bodybuilder Lamberet

The new multi-temperature partition system received the Trailer Innovation Award at the IAA in the Component category. 

More ergonomics for the driver thanks to the new Insulation wall partition. The very

easy-to-use partition has an automatic locking mechanism, which are available in both closed and in the open position.

This partition is made of completely new, light and resistant materials, such as new impact-resistant surfaces , as well as an inner insulation made of rigid foam

Shape memory manufactured. That means 100 kg less weight!

These are only 2 innovative improvements - within our AUTOSTORR chapter you will find more details and informations.