4D variant, whereby the outer segments usually remain firmly positioned and only the two middle segments can be opened like a sliding door. An effective solution for distribution traffic with frequent withdrawals in the TK area so that the entire partition wall does not always have to be opened.


The SHIFT 4D mat curtain has four equally large, horizontally adjustable insulation segments and is a very good compromise between loading width, good insulation and easy handling. The seal is made by integrated additional magnets.


Upon request, the mats can also be manufactured with integrated polycarbonate or with hard foam as a "solid" panel.

STORR track

The 3-channel STORR track rail guides the trolleys of the individual mats and ensures that they can be opened quickly and easily.

The locking bolts grip in the defined locking points and fix the mats, on request also available with end magnets instead of locking bolts.


Each wall is equipped with a sprung click-locking that clicks into the milled recesses of the 3-rowaluminum profile. Unlocking is effected by attached pull straps, which are also used to move the wall laterally.

Magnet seal

In order to optimally seal the mats from one another, the overlapping areas arranged one behind the other are equipped with contact magnets to keep the mats as closed as possible. This reduces unwanted air circulation to a minimum.