T-250 Flexible wall

Always the best fit - FLEX T-250

Our variable lightweight - Weight only about 10 KG !

Two-piece insulated screen of 18 mm thick. The same as T-150, but made of durable heavy PVC, filled with 15 mm thick insulation mats. Excellent for separating two temperatures during daily distribution (max 10 hour). This wall is manufactured exactly to size and consists of two linked panel halves ( left + right). The 2- part screen is supported by 3 cargo keepers by means of attached pockets and velcro straps. By unlocking and re-positioning one of the outer cargo keepers, a pallet-wide passage is created. The flaps on all edges will seal the cool / frozen compartment hermetically. In the event of non-use, the wall can be stored very compactly thanks to the segmented and foldable configuration. Weight 10 kg (excluding Cargo keepers ).


50 mm wide Velcro strips to secure the wall with the help of Cargo keepers.
(Cargo keepers are not included.)

Cargo restraint equipment

A wide range of tested mechanical and textile products.
You can find load securing in our shop.


Can be stored compactly and easily fits into the pallet storage box when not in use.


Pallet-wide passage - wall can be partially opened like a door, so the temperature-controlled area can be closed and opened quickly and easily.

Foil colors

On request, we can manufacture your T-250 flex wall in your corporate identity. Our standard color is blue.