T-150 Flexible wall

Extremely lightweight - FLEX T-150

Fresh up to 8 hours

An attractively priced and fast solution to separate two temperatures for short journies of up to 8 hours (daily distribution).

A lightweight screen made of 2 layers of PE fabric with insulating polyester wool in between. To position by means of attached pockets and Velcro fasteners with the help of 3 cargo keepers. The screen can be folded and can be stored very compactly. By unlocking and repositioning one of the outer cargo keepers, a pallet-wide passage is created.

Weight 7kg


Unlocking the Cargo Keeper, opening the wall


Half (but pallet wide) opened saves energy during loading and unloading

Daily use

Wall in closed position, Cargo-keeper locked, partition closed, ideal for short-term daily distribution.


100mm breite Klettbänder zur Sicherung der Wand mit Hilfe von Klemmstangen.

(Klemmstangen sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.)


Can be stored compactly and easily fits into the pallet storage box when not in use.

Cargo restraint equipment

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Pallet-wide passage - wall can be partially opened like a door, so the temperature-controlled area can be closed and opened quickly and easily.