Economy, “The economic priced” partition wall

If the wall is not in service every day and the length of the route is limited to max.24 hours, there is an economical, attractive priced variant available to separate 2 temperatures, K-value 0,55 K/m²W, Thickness 52mm, Weight 25kg (2,5x2,5m), Standard equipped with 8 handles and bottom protection.

Due to the low weight of only approx. 25 kg, the wall can be handled very well, even with several unloading points. The sturdy handles are screwed like on your big sister the T-800 and can easily be replaced when worn.

For those who do not always want to use a partition wall, this economy wall is an ideal compromise.

Special dimensions and colors

For special dimensions, please use our order form with dimension sheet for Sprinter walls with / without wheel arches.

On request, we can manufacture with foil colors in your corporate identity. Our standard color is blue.


Available as a version with 20 cm side height or as an extra floor protection with 33 cm side height. The 5 mm high, pre-drilled wear protection is attached under the floor protection.
(Picture above with wear protection)


Return ventilation opening

Is standard installed in combination with fan kit to obtain return circulation from „warm“ side to „cold“ side of the partition wall.

However, also separately available (without fan) to get yourself a certain inlet of cold air in the second compartment.

Sealing flap is provided with velcro and to adjust the opening space. With long-term non-use, a 20x20cm spacer is also available to optimize insulation.

Repair kit

With self-adhesive PVC tarp and cleaning cloth size 20x30cm.

Flexible impact-resistant core

Foam core fabricated especially for STORR is extremely flexible, very impact-resistant and does not absorb water.

The guarantee for a long service life and high product quality.

Stable Handgrip

Handgrip set (standard)

1 set consisting of 2 handles (front and rear) and 4 stainless steel mounting plates with accompanying mounting bolts for 82mm thick walls. (T-800)

Cargo restraint equipment

A wide range of tested mechanical and textile products.
You can find load securing in our shop.