T-800 Vans / Sprinter

STORRWALL T-800 Sprinter

The ideal solution for optimal use of your small transporter

Our T-800 Sprinter partition turns your small van into a refrigerated vehicle that can be used anywhere for all applications.
Save up to 40% cooling device fuel with our robust, universally applicable T-800 Sprinter. With a K value of 0.4 K/m2W and its self-locking double seals, the STORRWALL T-800 Sprinter thermal partition wall not only saves fuel, but also the climate-damaging gas CO2.

The STORRWALL T-800 Sprinter thermal partition, which is also available for Meat hang, is the lightweight among partition walls.
If components wear out at a later point in time, all components can be assembled and replaced in-house.
That saves time and your money.
We are happy to offer you assembly, repair and maintenance as a service.


Use our order form with dimension sheet for Sprinter wall with / without wheel arch. You can download the form on this page.

T-800 Vans / Sprinter model

Wheel arch cut-outs

On request, the T-800 Sprinter can also be equipped with hinged wings at the wheel arches.

Sprinter Meat hang

Just like the T-800 Meat Hang, the T-800 Sprinter is also available with cut-outs for meat suspension tracks.

Side door

Also available customized insulated

(inner) side door.

Industry sectors

Our solutions for industries, whether for catering, hanging meat transport or pharmaceutical applications, we turn your van into the perfect industry solution.

T-800 Spare parts and Extra options

Built-in fan kit, compact

As standard installation kit, only more compact design and smaller fan wheel. Completely wired and ready for operation, voltage either 12 or 24 volts, air flow rate approx. 800 m3/h, temperature sensor attached to the warm side, thermostat with digital display and operating instructions, 2-pin socket with protective cap for connection of spiral cable.

Spiral cable with 2-pole plug

Is included as standard in the above fan kits. Also separately available as in length

6 m and 12 m with mounted 2-pole plug fitting in fan kit. Other side unfinished. Here a plug must be fitted, matching the socket in the vehicle.

Foil colors

Standard colors ( in addition to blue) are grey, yellow and green. Are often available without extra costs. Other colors, texts, logos, fleet numbers etc. we can provide and apply at extra cost!


Available as a version with 20 cm side height or as an extra floor protection with 33 cm side height. The 5 mm high, pre-drilled wear protection is attached under the floor protection.
(Picture above with wear protection)

Return ventilation opening

Is standard installed in combination with fan kit to obtain return circulation from „warm“ side to „cold“ side of the partition wall. However, also separately available (without fan) to get yourself a certain inlet of cold air in the second compartment. Sealing flap is provided with velcro and to adjust the opening space. With long-term non-use, a 20x20cm spacer is also available to optimize insulation.

Stable Handgrip

Handgrip set (standard)

1 set consisting of 2 handles (front and rear) and 4 stainless steel mounting plates with accompanying mounting bolts for 82mm thick walls. (T-800)

„Extra“ handle

The same as standard, however provided with Velcro to create a loop to fix a load restraint bar or beam to the wall.

Cargo restraint equipment

A wide range of tested mechanical and textile products.
You can find load securing in our shop.

Repair kit

With self-adhesive PVC tarp and cleaning cloth size 20x30cm.